Our beloved son Ohad

Thanks to you,
we've come up with an idea matching the spirit of the times, The first step in our social struggle  against an unjust economy, which effects every family. In a world where trying to inculcate the importance of protecting the environment.
In a situation where building a home is no longer a beneficial economic experience for every family, and in fact it's more of an uncertain adventure than an experience, We wanted to give you big and worthy toys, the desires become into a  great ideas in our minds, how to create them ourselves for you.

For you,
daddy has come up with an idea, out of our everyday life. Mommy's built and dad has designed something for you, not just another toy which will stand in the way between the kitchen and the living room.
We've taken something which tends to accumulate and become a burden upon our landscape, and which we believed will suit our aim perfectly.
And so mommy's planned and daddy's created, designed and improvised, and together they've built a house made out of milk cartons for you, in our yard.

Love forever, Dad and Mom

Technical Information

Owner: Ohad Rischin
Developer: Ran Rischin
Constructor and architect: Nilly Rischin
Contractor: Ran Rishin
Planning: 5 hours
Construction materials collection time: 7 weeks
Construction Execution time: 30 hours
Construction materials: 534 recycled milk cartons
The cost of Construction materials: 534 * 6.06 NIS (milk carton price) = 3236.04 NIS
Dimensions: length 148 cm width 123 cm Height 155 cm
Value of the property: sentimental
Thanks to Navo architects employees and MediaMind employees who drank lots of milk.